Shape Wipe transition

The Shape Wipe transition is based on gray-scale PNG images. Only 5 images are included by default in Cinelerra.
You can extend the plugin by adding your own images.

Some ready to use images are available for download:

How to include new images in the Shape Wipe Transition

By default Cinelerra stores Shape wipe images in $prefix/lib/cinelerra/shapewipe ($prefix is the location of your Cinelerra, that is usually /usr for precompiled packages and /usr/local for a compiled program).
The transition must be configurated to use a specific image. To specify the image to use right-click on the transition icon in the timeline and select Show from the popup menu to open the Shape Wipe dialog. To change the shape in the Shape text field, click on Browse and select a new image. The last image specified will be the default one for the next transition.
New images can be placed in any location. Use the Browse button to browse your files and specify the new location.

New themes

Here you can find extra themes for Cinelerra interface.
Last modified on Nov 20 2011