Get CinelerraCV source code

The source code of Cinelerra-CV is available from a git repository. To get it you need to have git-core installed.

Stable code

If you want to compile CinelerraCV for normal use we recommend you get the stable code.

To get a copy for compilation use the following command:

git clone git:// cinelerra-cv

The stable repo is maintained by a small group of core developers. You can browse the CinelerraCV repository on-line, thanks to Gitweb.

Experimental code

Some developers are working around specific issues on experimental repos. You are welcome to test the application and report back to the mailing list.

einar - core

Einar R√ľnkaru is working with the long-term goal of improving the core fixing bugs and design flaws to get a stronger code, better designed to fit a community development. It's a quite invasive work, that needs a lot of debugging.

einar's repo

monty - FFMPEG-based loader

Monty Montgomery wrote an improved version of the FFMPEG-based file reader from CinHV 4.1 so that Cinelerra can read many more file formats. Main changes are:

monty's repo

SimAV - merges from HV

Simeon Voelkel is working on merging the code from Cinelerra 4 (HV)

SimAV's repo

Last modified on Sep 19, 2011