Migration Status

Web pages have moved to IP (the new cinelerra.org).
Logging in on user.skolelinux.no to edit the web site will no longer work as the pages are no longer served from there.

The SVN repository is still hosted at svn.skolelinux.no.

The IRC log has moved to cinelerra.org.
Thanks to Cillian De Roiste we have now a nice and working web archive.

Dokuwiki has moved to cinelerra.org.
Registering of new user accounts is now active.

The git repository in 12 hour sync with the cinelerra svn, maintained at pipapo.org, is still stuck at revision 1053. A complete move from SVN to GIT is planned.

Bugzilla (bugs.cinelerra.org) will be moved later.

Last modified on 12 August 2008