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Art & Tutorials created by Mr. Cinelerra - Adam Williams.

Overhead Zoom Out

Zoom out by overlapping several satellite photos.
Correcting changing exposure with histogram keyframes.
Configuring render settings

Slow Motion 

Slow motion techniques by adjusting the asset, using ReframeRT, & using a nested sequence

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Live Input

Video from Images 

Pass live input through the timeline.
Make a movie out of JPG photos..

Speed Curves

Secrets of Cinelerra

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A complete overview of Cnelerra 7.0

Goog vs Cinelerra stabilization

Cinelerra Stabilization

Comparing stabilization between the Goo Tube & the latest attempt at upgrading Cinelerra's motion tracker. Most noticeable is the Goog's nasty zooming during steering wobble, which is nastiest when the rate of zooming matches the rate of the steering wobble or not enough of the frame contains enough detail to determine the full perspective.
Stable running example of Cinelerra.

Sunset Movie

Synchronizing video using SURF

With James Horner gone, it was time to re-upload. Vimeo had degraded the quality & the original Goo Tube quality was always a turd. Not many current Goo Tubers were even alive when Titanic came out & few make any videos beyond the age I was in the day..
A glimpse of how most robots of the future are going to determine position. The current frame is matched to a frame in a previous drive, purely based on feature detection. The computer synchronized the 2 drives, despite differences in speed & lighting conditions. It worked surprisingly well, but took 2 hours of computation on a 3.8Ghz core. The known position in the previous drive can be used to determine current position by matching frames.

Rachmaninov Sonata No. 2 Camera 2 Part 1 

Rachmaninov Sonata No. 2 - Camera 2 Part 2

Rachmaninov Sonata No. 2 - Camera 2 Part 1
Rachmaninov Sonata No. 2 - Camera 2 part 2

Spacex Iridium landing in realtime

Optical Flow in Cinelerra 

Our 1st framerate restoration using optical flow in Cinelerra. In exchange for a few distorted limbs, it does wonders that time averaging & bobbing could never do. Why didn't we implement it 12 years ago?
Returning from a low polar trajectory which was between low equatorial & geostationary in difficulty. Fueling was done 75 minutes before launch instead of 35 minutes, giving less dense propellants but a compromise necessitated by the last explosion. After the extended fueling, they topped off the tanks in the last minute.