April 15, 2014
* NAB (National Association of Broadcasters Convention) and the US Tax Day today have delayed the first roll-out of the new website. We will definitely be up and running by the end of the week, which will please many. So bookmark this site or send your e-mail to to be put on the new Cinelerra Newsletter list.

April 8, 2014
* At NAB (National Association of Broadcasters Convention) this week and we have made many new inroads to jumpstart the creative support of CINELERRA and also to support the developers of CINELERRA. There have been many exicting new agreements to bring techincal and also development experience to areas of the movement which need addressing. There will be new announcements in the coming weeks in anticipation of the spring through fall, an exciting time in media production technologies development.

April 6, 2014
With NAB (National Association of Broadcasters Convention) now open and numerous discussions have already taken place with artists, corporate partners and sponsors the entirely new direction of CINELERRA.ORG is to focus on the artists and their art. Our new and top-ranked development team, based in California will be focused on supporting the needs of the artist and their productions done on Cinelerra. Cinelerra is sufficiently mature so that any modern production can be done at professional quality as the program is currently crafted thanks to Heroine Virtual. When Adam Williams and I, Mike Collins, first were discussing an eventual plan to upgrade Adam's fantastic BROADCAST 2000 in the year 2000, which is over fourteen years ago, we both agreed that the new version would be for the artists and the doers and not a computer science project. Since we were both artists in our own right, Adam as a musician and media design artist, and I as a Post-Production artist and editor we swore that the new version would be made easier for ARTISTS. In the past few years, under the leadership of the cv group which abandoned this website in 2012, it has become a home for those who liked to tweak on the edges of computer software development and very little has been developed for the media artists. But, the reality is that we want people to take on the task of creating art and not little tweaks to an obviously capable software. Remember, Cinelerra is Free Software (not "Open Source"). Thank you.

April 4, 2014
* NAB (National Association of Broadcasters Convention)opens this week in Las Vegas and we will be there in attendance meeting with potential sponsors. If you as a studio have any particular plan in mind to integrate a long range plan for Cinelerra, please send an email identifying your interests. Please continue to send in your requests to be added to the new list, particularly artists, please send an e-mail to: We decided to delay the web page upgrade until after NAB and sponsor meetings. Thank you.

March 29, 2014
* To be included in a new list being compiled, please send an e-mail to: Your e-mail will be protected and only used for future Cinelerra News going forward, including press releases and new software releases, and other ways you can participate in Cinelerra in the future

March 26, 2014
* On a new version of this website, we will update you on everything in the news about Cinelerra and provide information about the current and future plans for Cinelerra direct from the professional development team led by the Founder of Cinelerra and various community development groups. There will be downloads of all versions and assistance in installing on your systems along with helpful tutorials. We will have user profiles and forums where the users can get tips and lessons direct from those who believe in the free exchange of all information related to Cinellera and not just what appeals to a select few. Cinelerra is Free Software and that includes the promise of openness and inclusion for all parties wherever you are, whatever your goals, and whatever your limitations. So, be sure to Bookmark CINELERRA E-mail us at:

March 25, 2014
* We are seeking users to tell their story to us which we can relate on our website and also to CINELERRA sponsors with whom we plan to offer both technical assistance in the form of equipment and technical installation and ongoing services support for your studio and for your own projects. Please contact us and describe your experience and requirements as soon as possible.

March 23, 2014
* It is being reported that the Bugtracker on gitweb on are back on-line for your use after being down for a while due to the site being unfortunately ignored for over two years. This will never happen again under this leadership as there is one full-time person working on the new website, a focused community manager, and a experienced professional Cinelerra development team working on Cinelerra and other professional media systems projects full-time. Since we represent the founding and principle developer of Cinelerra, Mr. Adam Williams, we will continue to provide full news and support for all things Cinelerra on a permanent and on-going basis. For any more information, please contact us directly at

March 20, 2014
* The future plans for Cinelerra development includes a distribution based on Ubuntu and another distribution based on CentOS. Cinelerra.Org will be represented in numerous meetings at NAB in Las Vegas on April 9, 2014.

March 8, 2014
* CINELERRA and Heroine Virtual LTDannounces a new call for people interested in Cinelerra to a new mailing list being assembled currently. Past list members will be included in the list. If your contact information has changed, please re-list. Please send an e-mail to: Your e-mail will be protected and only used for future Cinelerra News going forward, including press releases and new software releases, and other ways you can participate in Cinelerra in the future

March 1, 2014
* In association with Heroine Virtual LTD, the Cinelerra.Org developers group, and Linux Media Arts, the Cinelerra-CV development fork is undergoing a re-design with a release date for the new site to be published prior to NAB 2014 in Las Vegas (National Association of Broadcasters Convention). The new version will stress support for new and ongoing collaborative development with real-time support and access to tools and industry collaborations which will improve developer productivity dramatically. Our goal is to support key developers with software and hardwware platforms that are very similiar in capabilities and performance to insure standarization of results and faster development. At NAB, we will be there for meetings and presentations to sponsors. The future of the Cinelerra.Org web site will also include much closer associations with film and televisions studios, science and visualization research centers, media industry, the tech community, and Heroine Virtual LTD.

As part of this change, goals and improved financial incentives will be presented to the community to encourage rapid development. Much gratitude is extended to everyone who contributed to this site in the past and an invitation to re-enage is extended. Address any inquiries and requests to: Suggestions, joint ventures, business and research proposals are highly encouraged. Thank you.

Jul 9, 2012
* Heroine Virtual LTD releases Cinelerra 4.4. Faster startup and responsiveness. Audio oscilloscope. Histogram updates. Audio gap removal. Better recording from webcams. Better live audio processing. Introducing the Bright theme for outdoor use.

Nov 13, 2011
* CinelerraCV 2.2 is released. It includes Hermann Vosseler's Bezier Patch (bezier automation for Cinelerra-CV fades, camera and projector), improved default settings, extended audio range, support for multiline label and clips comments, autodetection of OpenGL in configure, detection of v4l2. For more details see the release announcement.
This release inaugurates the new community GIT repo for Cinelerra.

Aug 5, 2011
* Heroine Virtual LTD releases Cinelerra 4.3. Most notable feature is text to movie synthesis.

Nov 21, 2010
* CinelerraCV 2.1.5 is out, with SOWT audio support, other improvements and bug fixes. For more details see the release announcement.

Oct 15, 2010
* While we are working on CinelerraCV 2.1.5, Heroine Virtual LTD releases Cinelerra 4.2. Of main interest might be the "Edit->Align edits" feature, which aligns all the audio edits with the video. Then there's the keyframe spanning feature, where highlighting a region with keyframe generation on causes effect tweeks to span all the keyframes. Then there's the fact that all assets are opened in subprocesses so they don't bring down the entire program when they crash. featuring nested sequences. Only the source code is available, no packages.

October 1-2, 2010
* The CinelerraCV community is at the Openvideo Conference in New York.

April 19, 2010
* CinelerraCV will be at the Connecticut Film Festival - Danbury CT on May 7 2010. The festival will pay a special attention to Free Software with dedicate talks and workshops. Scott Frase will represent the community doing a presentation on Video production using Free Software tools.

Dec 6, 2009
* The migration of our bugtracker from to is completed, thanks to the precious help of Cillian De Roiste. We moved also from Bugzilla to Trac. The bugtracker address is still; log-in details are unchanged.

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