The features, the manual, the tutorials

Cinelerra's features

Linux Media Arts has an impressive listing of Cinelerra's features. 6-channel sound, HDTV, multiple effects, built-in videoscope and more. With screenshots.

Cinelerra CV manual

Wiki is offline, no one cares.

Cinelerra video tutorials

Some video tutorials (talk and screencast) are available on the internet:

Cinelerra tutorials


Some HOWTOs for specific needs are available on the internet:

Various links

Cinelerra CV Wiki

A copy of the Cinelerra CV manual is available on a wiki. Users that want to improve the manual are welcome to edit its pages at Cinelerra CV Wiki

The first Cinelerra CV wiki was set up by Alex Ferrer. At present is available only through the Internet Archive. It contains Cinelerra documentation, users' tips and other useful resources for your project. Most of its content is now in the Cinelerra CV manual. It has been translated to Slovenian, Spanish, Italian (partially), French.

Last modified on Aug 29, 2011