Mpeg1Context Struct Reference

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Data Fields

MpegEncContext mpeg_enc_ctx
int mpeg_enc_ctx_allocated
int repeat_field
AVPanScan pan_scan
int slice_count
int swap_uv
int save_aspect_info
AVRational frame_rate_ext
 MPEG-2 specific framerate modificator.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 2019 of file mpeg12.c.

Field Documentation

Definition at line 2022 of file mpeg12.c.

Referenced by mpeg_decode_frame(), and mpeg_decode_init().

some temporary storage for the panscan

Definition at line 2024 of file mpeg12.c.

Referenced by mpeg_decode_frame().

Definition at line 2025 of file mpeg12.c.

Definition at line 2026 of file mpeg12.c.

Referenced by mpeg_decode_postinit().

MPEG-2 specific framerate modificator.

Definition at line 2027 of file mpeg12.c.

Referenced by mpeg_decode_postinit(), and mpeg_decode_sequence_extension().

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