CWindow Class Reference

#include <cwindow.h>

Inherits Thread.

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Public Member Functions

 CWindow (MWindow *mwindow)
 ~CWindow ()
int create_objects ()
void update (int position, int overlays, int tool_window, int operation=0, int timebar=0)
void run ()
Trackcalculate_affected_track ()
Autocalculate_affected_auto (Autos *autos, int create=1, int *created=0, int redraw=1)
void calculate_affected_autos (FloatAuto **x_auto, FloatAuto **y_auto, FloatAuto **z_auto, Track *track, int use_camera, int create_x, int create_y, int create_z)
void show_window ()
void hide_window ()

Data Fields

int destination

Detailed Description

Definition at line 14 of file cwindow.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CWindow::CWindow ( MWindow mwindow  ) 

Definition at line 32 of file cwindow.C.

CWindow::~CWindow (  ) 

Definition at line 39 of file cwindow.C.

References playback_cursor, and playback_engine.

Member Function Documentation

int CWindow::create_objects (  ) 

void CWindow::update ( int  position,
int  overlays,
int  tool_window,
int  operation = 0,
int  timebar = 0 

Definition at line 189 of file cwindow.C.

References AUTO_ZOOM, CWindowGUI::canvas, Theme::ccanvas_h, Theme::ccanvas_w, Theme::ccanvas_x, Theme::ccanvas_y, EDLSession::cwindow_operation, EDLSession::cwindow_scrollbars, EDLSession::cwindow_xscroll, EDLSession::cwindow_yscroll, EDLSession::cwindow_zoom, CWindowCanvas::draw_refresh(), MWindow::edl, gui, BC_WindowBase::lock_window(), mwindow, playback_engine, PlaybackEngine::que, Canvas::reposition_window(), TransportQue::send_command(), EDL::session, CWindowGUI::set_operation(), CWindowSlider::set_position(), CWindowGUI::slider, MWindow::theme, CWindowGUI::timebar, BC_WindowBase::unlock_window(), ZoomPanel::update(), TimeBar::update(), CWindowGUI::update_tool(), CWindowCanvas::update_zoom(), and CWindowGUI::zoom_panel.

Referenced by TrackCanvas::button_press_event(), MWindow::clear_automation(), MWindow::clear_default_keyframe(), MWindow::clear_entry(), MWindow::clear_labels(), TrackCanvas::cursor_motion_event(), MWindow::cut_automation(), MWindow::cut_default_keyframe(), MWindow::finish_modify_handles(), MWindow::goto_end(), MWindow::goto_start(), MWindowGUI::keypress_event(), MWindow::next_edit_handle(), MWindow::next_label(), MWindow::paste_automation(), MWindow::paste_default_keyframe(), MWindow::paste_silence(), MWindow::prev_edit_handle(), MWindow::prev_label(), MWindow::redo_entry(), TrackCanvas::repeat_event(), ManualGoto::run(), MWindow::select_all(), MTimeBar::select_label(), CTimeBar::select_label(), MWindow::select_point(), TimeBar::select_region(), MWindow::straighten_automation(), PatchGUI::toggle_behavior(), MWindow::undo_entry(), and MWindow::update_project().

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void CWindow::run (  )  [virtual]

Implements Thread.

Definition at line 184 of file cwindow.C.

References gui, and BC_WindowBase::run_window().

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Track * CWindow::calculate_affected_track (  ) 

Auto * CWindow::calculate_affected_auto ( Autos autos,
int  create = 1,
int *  created = 0,
int  redraw = 1 

void CWindow::calculate_affected_autos ( FloatAuto **  x_auto,
FloatAuto **  y_auto,
FloatAuto **  z_auto,
Track track,
int  use_camera,
int  create_x,
int  create_y,
int  create_z 

void CWindow::show_window (  ) 

void CWindow::hide_window (  ) 

Field Documentation

Definition at line 48 of file cwindow.h.

Referenced by create_objects().

Definition at line 52 of file cwindow.h.

Referenced by create_objects(), CPlayback::init_cursor(), CPlayback::stop_cursor(), and ~CWindow().

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