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v4l2_modulator Struct Reference

#include <videodev2.h>

List of all members.

Public Attributes

int output
char name [32]
v4l2_standard std
__u32 capability
__u32 rangelow
__u32 rangehigh
__u32 txsubchans
__u32 reserved [4]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 613 of file videodev2.h.

Member Data Documentation

__u32 v4l2_modulator::capability

Definition at line 618 of file videodev2.h.

char v4l2_modulator::name[32]

Definition at line 616 of file videodev2.h.

int v4l2_modulator::output

Definition at line 615 of file videodev2.h.

__u32 v4l2_modulator::rangehigh

Definition at line 620 of file videodev2.h.

__u32 v4l2_modulator::rangelow

Definition at line 619 of file videodev2.h.

__u32 v4l2_modulator::reserved[4]

Definition at line 622 of file videodev2.h.

struct v4l2_standard v4l2_modulator::std

Definition at line 617 of file videodev2.h.

__u32 v4l2_modulator::txsubchans

Definition at line 621 of file videodev2.h.

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