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filecr2.h File Reference

#include "filebase.h"

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class  FileCR2


int dcraw_main (int argc, char **argv)


char dcraw_info [1024]
float ** dcraw_data
int dcraw_alpha

Function Documentation

int dcraw_main int  argc,
char **  argv

Definition at line 4800 of file dcraw.c.

References alternate_scale, autoexposure, bad_pixels(), blue_scale, bright, center_weight, contrast, convert_to_rgb(), document_mode, exposure_compensation, failure, fclose(), fileno(), filters, flip, flip_image(), fopen(), four_color_rgb, foveon_interpolate(), gamma_val, green_scale, height, identify(), ifname, ifp, iheight, image, is_foveon, iwidth, juice, k1, k2, make, merror(), model, pivot_value, quick_interpolate, red_scale, saturation, scale_colors(), shrink, trim, use_auto_wb, use_camera_black, use_camera_wb, use_neutral_wb, use_pivot, use_secondary, user_black, verbose, vng_interpolate(), white_point_fraction, width, write_cinelerra(), write_fun, write_ppm(), write_ppm16(), write_ppm_16_8(), and write_psd16().

Referenced by FileCR2::check_sig(), FileCR2::open_file(), and FileCR2::read_frame().

Variable Documentation

int dcraw_alpha

Definition at line 76 of file dcraw.c.

Referenced by FileCR2::read_frame(), and write_cinelerra().

float** dcraw_data

Definition at line 75 of file dcraw.c.

Referenced by FileCR2::read_frame(), and write_cinelerra().

char dcraw_info[1024]

Definition at line 74 of file dcraw.c.

Referenced by FileCR2::format_to_asset(), and identify().

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