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RecordMonitor Class Reference

#include <recordmonitor.h>

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Public Member Functions

 RecordMonitor (MWindow *mwindow, Record *record)
 ~RecordMonitor ()
int update (VFrame *vframe)
void update_channel (char *text)
void run ()
int close_threads ()
int create_objects ()
int fix_size (int &w, int &h, int width_given, float aspect_ratio)
float get_scale (int w)
int get_mbuttons_height ()
int get_canvas_height ()
int get_channel_x ()
int get_channel_y ()

Public Attributes


Detailed Description

Definition at line 21 of file recordmonitor.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RecordMonitor::RecordMonitor MWindow mwindow,
Record record

Definition at line 27 of file recordmonitor.C.

References device, and thread.

RecordMonitor::~RecordMonitor  ) 

Definition at line 37 of file recordmonitor.C.

References VideoDevice::close_all(), device, RecordMonitorThread::stop_playback(), thread, and window.

Member Function Documentation

int RecordMonitor::close_threads  ) 

Definition at line 102 of file recordmonitor.C.

References RecordMonitorGUI::channel_picker, ChannelPicker::close_threads(), and window.

Referenced by run().

int RecordMonitor::create_objects  ) 

Definition at line 54 of file recordmonitor.C.

References RecordMonitorGUI::canvas, Asset::channels, config, RecordMonitorGUI::create_objects(), Record::default_asset, device, VideoOutConfig::driver, MWindow::edl, Asset::frame_rate, MeterPanel::get_meters_width(), Asset::height, mwindow, VideoDevice::open_output(), EDLSession::playback_config, record, EDL::session, RecordMonitorThread::start_playback(), thread, PlaybackConfig::vconfig, Asset::video_data, Asset::width, window, and VideoOutConfig::x11_use_fields.

int RecordMonitor::fix_size int &  w,
int &  h,
int  width_given,
float  aspect_ratio

Definition at line 123 of file recordmonitor.C.

int RecordMonitor::get_canvas_height  ) 

Definition at line 144 of file recordmonitor.C.

References get_mbuttons_height(), and window.

Referenced by RecordMonitorGUI::create_bitmap().

int RecordMonitor::get_channel_x  ) 

Definition at line 149 of file recordmonitor.C.

int RecordMonitor::get_channel_y  ) 

Definition at line 155 of file recordmonitor.C.

int RecordMonitor::get_mbuttons_height  ) 

Definition at line 118 of file recordmonitor.C.

Referenced by get_canvas_height().

float RecordMonitor::get_scale int  w  ) 

Definition at line 129 of file recordmonitor.C.

References MWindow::edl, Record::frame_h, Record::frame_w, EDL::get_aspect_ratio(), mwindow, and record.

Referenced by RecordMonitorGUI::set_title().

void RecordMonitor::run  ) 

Definition at line 96 of file recordmonitor.C.

References close_threads(), and window.

int RecordMonitor::update VFrame *  vframe  ) 

Definition at line 107 of file recordmonitor.C.

References thread, and RecordMonitorThread::write_frame().

Referenced by RecordVideo::run().

void RecordMonitor::update_channel char *  text  ) 

Definition at line 112 of file recordmonitor.C.

References RecordMonitorGUI::channel_picker, ChannelPicker::channel_text, and window.

Member Data Documentation

VideoOutConfig* RecordMonitor::config

Definition at line 39 of file recordmonitor.h.

Referenced by create_objects().

VideoDevice* RecordMonitor::device

Definition at line 37 of file recordmonitor.h.

Referenced by create_objects(), RecordMonitorThread::new_output_frame(), RecordMonitor(), RecordMonitorThread::show_output_frame(), and ~RecordMonitor().

MWindow* RecordMonitor::mwindow

Definition at line 32 of file recordmonitor.h.

Referenced by create_objects(), and get_scale().

Record* RecordMonitor::record

Definition at line 33 of file recordmonitor.h.

Referenced by RecordMonitorGUI::close_event(), create_objects(), get_scale(), and RecordMonitorGUI::set_title().

RecordMonitorThread* RecordMonitor::thread

Definition at line 35 of file recordmonitor.h.

Referenced by create_objects(), RecordMonitor(), update(), and ~RecordMonitor().

RecordMonitorGUI* RecordMonitor::window

Definition at line 36 of file recordmonitor.h.

Referenced by close_threads(), create_objects(), get_canvas_height(), ChannelPicker::get_subwindow(), RecordGUIMonitorAudio::handle_event(), RecordGUIMonitorVideo::handle_event(), run(), RecordAudio::run(), RecordEngine::run_script(), Record::set_channel(), RecordGUI::update_batch_sources(), update_channel(), and ~RecordMonitor().

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