-Modified:    cinelerra/hvirtual/plugins/libfourier fourier.C
	-Fix bugs

	-Modified:    cinelerra/hvirtual/plugins/fourier Makefile.am
	-Add fftw3 to ldadd in Makefile.am

	-Modified:    cinelerra/hvirtual configure.in
	-Add check for fftw3.h and libfftw3 ..


	-Modified:    cinelerra/hvirtual/quicktime stbl.c
	-Apply patch as per bug 191
	Fixes crush when opening files produced by Minolta DimageZ3


	-Added:       cinelerra/hvirtual/po pt_BR.po
	-Modified:    cinelerra/hvirtual/plugins/pitch pitch.C pitch.h
	-New pitch control plugin code, and based on the same code new
	 timestretch plugin which is now realtime!

	-Modified:    cinelerra/hvirtual/plugins/timestretch timestretch.C
	-New pitch control plugin code, and based on the same code new
	 timestretch plugin which is now realtime!

	-Modified: cinelerra/hvirtual/plugins/libfourier fourier.C
	-New pitch control plugin code, and based on the same code new
	timestretch plugin which is now realtime!
	-Modified:    cinelerra/hvirtual/debian control
	-Add fftw3-dev to debian dependencies


	-Modified:    cinelerra/hvirtual/plugins/diffkey diffkey.C
	-Fixed YUV bug in diffkey


minmax	- applied j@v2v.cc patch to ogg muxing to make it standard compliant

	- removed debian dependency to mjpegtools 1.6.3 - since pmdumuid
	  makes it unneccessary
	- Modified:    cinelerra/hvirtual/cinelerra aboutprefs.C
	- Add jan to the credits
	- Added a automake patch to cope with the change in mjpegtool's y4m_read_frame_header()



  	- Modified:    cinelerra/hvirtual/cinelerra interfaceprefs.C
	               interfaceprefs.h mwindow.h mwindowedit.C preferences.C 
		       preferences.h trackcanvas.C trackcanvas.h tracks.h tracksedit.C
	- Here it is, infamous ga's patch fixed up and polished and beaten up into
  	  submission "Just Works" (till the first tester comes at least)
  	- Modified:    cinelerra/hvirtual/cinelerra trackcanvas.C
  	- Small fix for the dnd patch
  	- Modified:    cinelerra/hvirtual/cinelerra edits.C edits.h pluginset.C
	- Fix a bug when paste_silence didn't return proper editlist

  	- Modified:    cinelerra/hvirtual/cinelerra trackcanvas.C tracksedit.C
  	- Make position finding rutines nicer...
  	- Modified:    cinelerra/hvirtual/cinelerra interfaceprefs.C
                       interfaceprefs.h mwindowedit.C preferences.C
                       preferences.h trackcanvas.C
  	- a) remove dragdrop preference - since new mode can give all existing
  	     behaviours it is sensible that old mode can be discarded
  	- b) small fix for drop placement - off by one error

  	- Modified:    cinelerra/hvirtual/cinelerra yuvstream.C
      	- Fix in order to compila with new mjpegtools


	- Modified:    cinelerra/hvirtual/cinelerra maskengine.C
  	- Small fix to mask engine


	- Modified:	cinelerra/hvirtual/cinelerra mwindow.h mwindowmove.C
	- Fix for bug 176 - implements sample zooming when holding shift and using 

	- Modified:    cinelerra/hvirtual/debian control
	- Moved from libavcodec-dev to libavcodec2-dev to make it compile under latest

  	- Modified:    cinelerra/hvirtual/cinelerra cwindowgui.C maskauto.C
		       maskauto.h maskautos.C maskautos.h mwindowedit.C
  	- Fixes misplacement of the mask when resizing track and misplacement of the
  	  mask outline (in compositor window) when resizing project or changing it's
  	  aspect ratio fixes bug 161

  	- Modified:    cinelerra/hvirtual/cinelerra asset.C
  	- Forgot to set defaults for theora so they weren't persistent ... now they are
	- Modified:    cinelerra/hvirtual/cinelerra cwindowgui.C
  	- Clear out the debug printf


Changelog maintainer:

	- Now we have a changelog maintainer. 
	- boost up requirement for mjpegtools to 1.6.3 (used to be 1.6.2)
	  and applying patch for it to work...

	- reworked ga's patch for free dragging

	- fixed a quasi-bug in Edits::paste_silence
	- fixed mask being off the place when changing track size or when
	  changing project size/aspect ratio

	- added default options saving for theora (was missing)

	- modified debian/control, addedd libtheora-mmx-dev to the 

        - Modified:    cinelerra/hvirtual/cinelerra mainundo.C mainundo.h
        - Undo items are only pushed if some time has passed since the last push.

        - Modified:    cinelerra/hvirtual/cinelerra mainundo.C mainundo.h
                        pluginclient.C pluginserver.C pluginserver.h
        - This enables undo of plugin parameter tweaks. Fixes Bug 154.

        - Modified:    cinelerra/hvirtual/cinelerra mainundo.C mwindowedit.C
                        undostackitem.C undostackitem.h
        - The UndoStackItem::redo() is dropped and replaced by UndoStackItem::undo().
          The latter must reverse its state so that the next invocation does a redo.

        - Modified:    cinelerra/hvirtual/cinelerra mainundo.C mainundo.h
        - Only one project state is stored in an undo item instead of two.

        - Modified:    cinelerra/hvirtual/cinelerra loadfile.C mwindow.C
        - The invokers of MWindow::load_filenames() instead of this function itself
          mark the project unchanged.
          Exception: When a backup is loaded, the project remains marked as changed.

        - Modified:    cinelerra/hvirtual/cinelerra Makefile.am mainundo.C
        - Removed:     cinelerra/hvirtual/cinelerra undostack.C undostack.h
        - The undo stack is split into an undo stack and a redo stack.
          This makes class UndoStack unnecessary.

Added reporting of missing libraries when configure finishes.
-Richard Baverstock