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To Scale: The Solar System

A short film by Wylie Overstreet.
A Vimeo Best of the Month Winner.

normandy | 2016 

Normandy, France (Mont Saint-Michel, Normandy Battlefields, Caen, Etretat, Honfleur, 

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Dancer 16 mm

Mine - A Love Story

Film transfer test.
A Short film

Rated Blue - Since I’ve Been Loving You

C.R. Fedrick Inc, Engineeering Contractors

An experiment with 4 cameras and a Live multitrack recording done with the Ardour DAW and edited in Cinelerra. The song performed is our arrangement of Led Zeppelin's "Since I've Been Loving You".
C.R. Fedrick Inc, General Engineeering Contractors

Commuters Blues


Ad Vanold
Ronny Schmatzler. 


Examples of “negative” video feedback

Video feedback installation / Project 3A – Alternative Art Workshops @ Muresenilor House Museum in Brasov, Romania - July 2014
Music by : Cluster noir "Feedback Therapy" (CC-by-sa 3.0)
Edited with Cinelerra, video editing Free Software
Meta Lecture about feedback (made of video feedback) as fundamental principal of the world, by Emmanuel Ferrand, mathematic teacher (Jussieu, Paris) experimenting audio feedback processes and bacterias creative evolution > All this video is fedback with a refilming tv process + video mixtable.   Edited with Cinelerra 

GoPro HD Hero 2 + Cinelerra motion stabilization 

Ronja Sternenkind

A tech demo of the Cinelerra motion stabilizer in combination with a GoPro HD Hero 2. The camera was chest-mounted and recorded at 1080 lines, widest view angle, 25 fps. Cinelerra was then used for editing and stabilization through the motion effect. Also applied Youtube's 2D-3D 
This is for my daughter Ronja. She left our world too soon. Maybe nobody understands the pictures, but I don't care: it's a short film about a short dream...


Optical Flow in Die bunte Welt der Laser-Materialbearbeitung

(1st Movement)

Eine bunte Sammlung von Clips aus der Laser-Materialbearbeitung (Laserschweißen, Laserhärten, Laserauftragschweißen, Laserschneiden, Lasermarkieren) der Firma LASERVORM GmbH Altmittweida.
Werkzeuge zur Bearbeitung: ffmpeg, Cinelerra, Hydrogen (GNU/Linux)
Shadows - The 1st movement of a track from the album Totality. Graphic pre-processing and effects done via GIMP and the mathmap plugin and the video composed using Cinelerra. The music was arranged using Reaper and the orchestral instruments are from the VSL libraries.  For further details of the collection, please visit:

anime music video


Michal Micek
Raffaella Traniello

ItLUG Latina 2014

Histogram Effect

Domenico Franco
Crazed Mule Productions