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The Cinelerra Render Farm currently renders and transcodes multiple Uncompressed and Compressed frames. Because of the simple fact that Cinelerra operates on a floating point, the size of your rendered frame is only limited by the capabilities of your hardware.  Later this year we hope to be offering the rendering of frames from the most popular compositing and effects programs including Houdini, Shake, and more.  Cinelerra currently renders on all of the popular uncompressed formats supported by the major motion picture studios. Please contact us for a list for your consideration.

Cinelerra render farm software distributes Linux renders via the interface below (and any other command line interface renderer to an unlimited number of machines. Control your own render farm remotely via http -- ftp source files up, download your finished renders!.

You can monitor your progress from home. E-mail notifications when renders are complete or fail will go direct to your computer and/or cell phone anywhere in the world. Scene Checklist allows users to manage progress of layers, shots, and scenes as they are completed. Checklist information is based on Sony format EDL. (exported from any compatible editing package like Final Cut, AVID, etc.) . We are certainly willing to help you with reasonable suggestions to design your new studio.

When configured, the output checklist logs monitor render activity, including render time, user, script, cluster, etc. are recorded. A configurable Cinelerra cluster can allow users to put workstations on the farm, specify the size of the clusters, etc. and render frames at any resolution, framerate, or frame format.  Cinelerra is also compatible with hybrid-OS workstation and storage environments.   Artists can work in the environment they feel comfortable with while rendering.

Transcoding is the direct digital-to-digital conversion of one format encoding to another format. This is usually done in cases where a target device does not support the format or has limited storage capacity that mandates a reduced file size, or to convert incompatible or obsolete data to a better-supported or modern format. Transcoding is commonly a lossy process, introducing generation loss; however, transcoding can be lossless if the input is losslessly compressed and the output is losslessly compressed or uncompressed. The process of lossy to lossy conversion introduces varying degrees of generation loss. In other cases, the transcoding of lossy to lossless or uncompressed is technically a lossless conversion because no information is lost, however the process is irreversible and is more suitably known as destructive.  The transcoding process can be run during off hours enabling you to convert your many hours of content losslessly. 

The magic of a render farm is that you can build a render farm on older dated equipment to support the renders of your most advanced workstation.

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