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Project 30

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Securing Our Free Media Future

        Project 30 is a concerted effort to improve, distribute, and popularize the always free Cinelerra as a professional option for multi-media artists, producers, technologists, and scientists. We have chosen various goals which we believe are achievable, reasonable, and needed by the media community.  Our goal is to achieve these milestones in successive ten-month cycles. The initial team leaders of Project 30 are the Founders of Cinelerra, a Media Editing and Special Effects software application which has been published by HEROINE VIRTUAL since 2002. Our project directors have significant experience in professional multi-media production and productions technology systems design. We invite Artists, interested managers, administers, non-technologists, as well as technology developers to participate in this effort. 

Cycle 1

Universal Language Support

One of our immediate goals to support the Cinelerra artist is the introduction of multi-language support. Our developers and designers are working on a plan to make this long sought compatibility a realty within the first ten month cycle

OS Support - CentOS & UBUNTU

An important strategy to support the most users in the first project cycles are to focus on two distributions and gain acceptance with the principal developers of the Ubuntu and CentOS distributions. New releases for additional distributions will most surely emenate from our development labs but the initial plan is to seek and gain acceptance on Ubuntu and CentOS to support the largest user bases from both the Professional and the Independent user groups.

Features & Standards

Cinelerra is not perfect as an editing and special effects application, but, as a concept to build a studio upon and as a collaborative tool it is as close to being perfect as any software application can be because it is inherently flexible, inherently free, and still progressing.  For the artist or the studio who desires to  eventually master both the production and technical side of their production environment Cinelerra can be configured (with practice) to do specific editing and processing tasks with audio, compositing, effects, images, and many more features with a powerful render farm that works away while you are using the advanced GPU to give you real-time effects including the processing of multiple layers and edits right in front of you.

Cycle 2

The Cloud - Real-Time Training & Support

Once we have basic elements of Cinelerra (language, distros, features) organized and packaged appropriately for mass distribution we intend to implement a real-time training and support system. This system will be hosted on the Cloud and enable both artistic and technical staff to assist the artists in real-time with their questions about process, installation, and training. This will also be the best way to support training as we will host live on-line classes with a collaborative nature where we are conducting live on real artistic productions.

Movie Tool

We have plans to release an artist sharing component to Cinelerra that enables producers and artists to have real time sharing of the tasks in the project including cost per job and accurate reflection of how much time is being spent on every frame in the production process.  This is very useful for the producer who is managing a production where the Artists are located in different locations

Studio & Science Support - Large Frame Processing

An area which we are already working on is the real-time processing and editing of ultra large frame images from film and satellite imagery.   This system takes advantage of the render farm capabilities of Cinelerra and enables the user to view, edit, and project images now  only available on custom and very expensive software. We will release this capability of Cinelerra for free to users worldwide. 

Cycle 3

Schools & Universities

Over the next twenty months we will have increased the access and capabilities of Cinelerra,  established a growing user base and also have established a number of important partnerships with companies and schools. In the third 10 Month segment of PROJECT 10 wewill support various identified schools and Universities to promote and educate truly Independent Artists and Engineers by assisting them in the education of Free media software integration and applications, primarily CINELERRA.

Streaming Cinelerra - Art & Media Network

A goal of Project 30 will be to an build an on-line remote network of artists, commentators, and teachers streaming and promoting Free media art, software, and training on the net on our own live channel.