Cinelerra has been freely download over 1 Million times since 2002 and is used daily by thousands of artists everyday in over 50 countries. We are representing the media generation who believes they should always have access to capable and effective free media production software in order to pursue their artistic and technological interests. Cinelerra is designed by an artists for artists and it not a science project nor a museum piece, it is a active growing software application that has been freely downloaded for over ten years by artists all over the world.

Cinelerra has always been free and will remain so as we work closely with the traditional technical design and manufacturing companies and broadcast and media production companies along with Independent Artists and Technologists to bring new capabilities and increased functionality. We know Cinelerra is not perfect, but, it is a platform we can build upon together to create our professional and our independent studios. Please contact us or sign up to our newsletter so that we can make you part of the future of Cinelerra and assist you in your studio and your production design goals. We are initially stabilizing Cinelerra on both Ubuntu and CentOS which both bring developmental and performance capabilities that increase reliability and make it easier for the Artists to customize to their studio requirements.

Our team of directors, from the Founder of Cinelerra Adam Williams, to our other professional management directors and the community of artists and developers all share the same vision which will benefit the artist and also the curious technology developer. Our shared vision especially supports the artist who seeks to create and contribute but does not have the resources to purchase the most advanced systems currently on the market. We are re-building the Cinelerra community and to re-focus and lead an effort which enables us to all design and build studios which support our artistic visions.  

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