Free By Principle

Cinelerra is the result of creative genius and diligent focus working in tandem for over a decade.

Cinelerra was and remains a living legacy of an idea that one individual could capture and then edit their own audio and moving images with software that was created and improved upon by the artist himself. It was borne from the concept that when money wasn't available to spend on media production software created in Cupertino, Boston, London, Seattle, or pretty much anywhere else in the world, you do it yourself, which is exactly how Orson Welles created CITIZEN KANE. Welles wrote, starred, produced, and directed all f his classic film alone, because no one could see what he saw and it needed to be done that way.

The principal developer and founder of Cinelerra, Adam Williams, has been working diligently on media production software and has released a program and the Source Code freely since the late 1990's or long before the words "Disruptive Technology" was strung together and made vogue. Cinelerra, and its predecessor, Broadcast 2000 was disruptive just because and that is why Cinelerra has been downloaded, analyzed, and used by artists andengineers at every major motion picture studio in Hollywood and around the world by Independent Artists and Developers. A little known secret of the Hollywood studios is that their goal is to fully master the artistic and technical foundations of their production studios. They do it out of technical necessity because they often have to make something on screen no one has seen. They also do it because they get paid to be the best. We propose that the concept of the Free and Open Source Cinelerra and coming free additions to the Cinelerra library as the basis of a future studio design architecture thus enabling you to achieve the same type of control as the big shots in Hollywood in your own studio whether you are in Sri Lanka or the San Fernando Valley. Then, its up to you to write, direct, and produce your movie. We like to think that if the great Orson Welles were young and just getting going, he would be one of us.