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We're focused on combining the Artistic and Development components of Cinelerra into a unified project to create a streamlined production process that will interact effectively with multiple distributions and result in a professional caliber media editing and effects system. We are representing the media generation who believes they should always have access to capable and effective free media production software in order to pursue their artistic and technological interests. Cinelerra's designed for artists and it not a science project nor a museum piece, it is a active growing software application that's been freely downloaded for over ten years by artists everywhere.

Our Goal

We've stabilized Cinelerra development combining the best of the work from Heroine Warrior along with the excellent work of the CV Group. Now, you can finally download Cinelerra HV/CV in one package. Our team of directors, from the Founder of Cinelerra to our other professional management directors share the same vision which will benefit the artist and also the curious technology developer. Our shared vision especially supports the artist who seeks to create and contribute but do not have the resources to purchase the most advanced software and systems currently on the market. With Cinelerra Unified, you can now realize your artistic vision, effectively and creatively.

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