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CINELERRA NEWSLETTER 2015 -- Volume 2 & Issue 1

It has been awhile since our last newsletter and we apologize for the delay.

We have been  adding several features to Cinelerra which have been requested.  Included are the following updates:
1. Builds for CentOS, OpenSUSE, RedHat Fedora, and Ubuntu
2. updated icons
3. removed cutads soft link and fixed filesystem for broken soft links
4. fixed more libmpeg3->libzmpeg3 references
5. plugged a bunch of memory leaks
6. switched bcdialog BC_DialogThread to async thread
7. reworked BC_DisplayInfo
8. cleaned up some dangling threads
9. changed fonts due to broken Sans-xx fontname refs in prefs menus
10. added segv dumper using gdb, (needs more work - underway)
11. reworked thread.C added dangling thread trap, thread dump, etc...
12. added alsa cache blowout at end of run for valgrind
13. timezone checks in batch.C (cron) and channelinfo (scan)
14. removed refs to strdup, added cstrdup, cstrcat
15. fixed race in auto toc builder thread
16. fixed layer init in filethread
17. fixed unterminated strings in filexml
18. minor rework for mainerror
19. added recipes dropped in merge for cinelerra/Makefile
20. reset panel on load new file replace mode
21. abstracted mwindow delete indecies for rebuild for use
22. fixed undo stack problem using - for select_asset
23. minor fixes/rework for pluginclient default xml readin
24. improved thread/buffer cleanup/shutdown in record menu/monitor
25. fixed overlapping memcpy in inverse telecine
26. stubbed css code, media db code
27. fixes to closed captioning and cc to dvd subtitle generator
28. ported mpeg2enc from libmpeg3 to libzmpeg3
29. Ubuntu window restart positions
30. BC_DisplayInfo mod, check for duplicate probe
31. Add gui for removing undesired plugins from folder listbox
32. create program to rescale and histeq image data for plugin icons
33. create alternate plugin icon data dir for fun customization
34. add gdb dump prefs for segv, ctrl-c, default off
35. DVD
36. Youtube improvement
37. Capture from TV

Clearly, a lot of this is obscure to most artists using Cinelerra, as it should be.  Also, documentation is lagging behind development.

If you have any interest in joining our development and documentation team, let us know.

There are a number of basic development requirements needed to integrate the features listed above while we continue to support the upgrading Cinelerra to the 4.6 standard set by the developer while building in ways to integrate appropriate  community tools.  

We expect even more updates within the next 3-4 weeks. 

We will be exhibiting at NAB in April in Las Vegas.  

Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for an invitation.

Thank you,

compiled & submitted by KS on 2/5/15


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