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Welcome to Cinelerra 2014 –- Volume 1 Issue 10

Over the summer we attended both SIGGRAPH in Vancouver and IBC Conferences in Amsterdam. The principal purpose of attending the conferences was to meet with potential technical, corporate sponsors, artists, and developers.

Recently, Adam Williams of Heroine Virtual uploaded a Ubuntu binary and source code for your download. Refer to the Cinelerra.Org downloads page for your copy.  HV announced the following changes:
                                           Split pane editing
                                           OpenGL supported on Intel HD
                                           Titler improvements

We have finally decided on a professional services plan for professional studios interested in building a Linux based architecture. The direction of ths strategy will be to collaborate with studio engineers seeking to design servers and workstations in order to get the most from your current and new equipment.
We have a design team and strategy which will enable you to seamlessly integrate Cinelerra and additional offering including Maya, Soft, Avid, Shake, and more.   Our principal designer for this has designed and integrated storage systems for  a major motion picture studio and will be able to advise you on a new design architecture for your film and television studio.  After conducting a review of studio users we decided on a development strategy for studios who desire to move to a free software model, including Cinelerra.  These areas of development include:

                               Migration Planning (Windows to Linux)
                               Content Storage Management Strategies
                               Free Cloud Services
                               Localized Services
                               Metadata Management (MXF, AAF, XML)
                               Delivery Strategies
                               Broadcasting System
                               Render Farm (Local and Remote)
                               Professional Consulting

We have completed agreement with a sponsor and distributor  to deploy Cinelerra to various groups in Asia.  We are working on targeted support for large groups seeking community and high standards for their media production tools.

We are hosting a panel at NAB next April in Las Vegas. If there are any technologists and artists who wish to be on the panel or present their work, please contact us.

We have had several inquiries for project assistance, which we are happy to consider and work with you as best as we can to facilitate assistance to your project. However, there have been other inquiries that we have not been successful at completing due to circumstances which were largely preventable and entirely our fault. Therefore, we have re-assessed the process of applying and will be posting an application on-line.
School and Colleges interested in a partnership, please contact us.  If you have a project you need special support and sponsorship, please e-mail:   9.24.2014     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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