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Welcome to Cinelerra 2014 –- Volume 1 Issue 9


SIGGRAPH is coming soon and we hope to visit with any locals who plan to be at the show.Our booth at SIGGRAPH 2014 will be Booth 648. We also expect to have a presence in a corporate partner booth, as well. The conference and exhibition is scheduled for August 10 - 14 at the Vancouver Convention Centre in Vancouver, Canada. 

Our outreach plan has been effective and we have many new people interested in Cinelerra and in receiving updates on our new development strategy.

The translation plug-in has worked for many, but, it is not giving fully correct translations.

The outreach  project in Rio de Janiero is still in the formulation stage, but, it will provide both an initial presentation of Cinelerra and other free software with the goal to encourage artists and techies to get involved.  Igor Viera is hosting the event in partnership with representatives of the city of Rio DeJaniero and is is being focused to support youth who need and want to learn about new technologies and seek a network to collaborate.

We hosted several meetings recently to discuss PROJECT 30 with a supportive development company with a goal to fully blend the principal development team and artists and developers within the extended world of Cinelerra.

An exciting new project is evolving in Asia and an announcement for this project will be made in July and will provide exciting opportunities for everyone.

For anyone who considers themselves professional in media systems technologies, focusing on Linux Redhat and CentOS and looking for work within the film industry, please contact us. We do hear about such opportunities primarily in New York and Los Angeles.

We sent out the telecine controller to a techie in Denmark. So, hopefully, there will be something to show for that in the fall or maybe sooner.

If you are a school or University and interested in a partnership, please contact us.

If you have a project you need special support and sponsorship, please e-mail:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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