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Cinelerra is a Free Linux-based Audio, Images, and Special Effects system created by Adam Williams and was originally uploaded in the fall of 2002 with numerous improvements since that time. If you are new to Cinelerra and would like to see examples of Cinelerra, you can view it here on YouTube and Vimeo. Cinelerra has had many downloads and there are thousands of users of Cinelerra worldwide. Cinelerra has been exhibited at NAB, IBC, Interbee, SIGGRAPH, Linux World, and has been demonstrated and used at most major motion picture studios. Cinelerra has many components and if you are new, take your time, as the whole system is complex and powerful and it takes time to fully comprehend how powerful the program can be when configured correctly. It is our goal here to make it the most powerful and accessible media production system in the world.

Cinelerra managers and directors have worked professionally in artistic expression, filmmaking, technology development, software and hardware design consulting and production services and systems development for well over a decade. Adam Williams and Mike Collins have been working together developing and promoting Linux editing systems, starting together in 2000, with Broadcast 2000 and later with Cinelerra starting in 2001. The entire team has been devoted to open systems and advanced Linux production technologies.

Collectively, our current and past clients and former employers include most of the Hollywood motion picture and post-production studios, as well as government services contractors, and computer software and hardware technology manufacturers and systems integration companies.  We all remain in good standing with numerous current and potential financial and technical partners to Cinelerra. We are in the process of organizing efforts to forge stronger relationships to insure the long-time future success of free media production software and systems.

An updated version of the Official Cinelerra from the official Heroine Virtual by Adam Williams is under development with many new and powerful changes.  This website is where Adam Williams, the Founder and Principal Developer of Cinelerra will be directly collaborating with the worldwide Cinelerra community of Artists and Developers.

We at Cinelerra.Org are committed to a 30 month plan that will bring the most user friendly improvements to the Cinelerra community, including Universal language support, increased tool functionality, and wider support for more operating systems.  

We are meeting almost daily with members of the broadcast, film, software, and scientific technology community daily to make Cinelerra a standard for media production in the months and years to come. We do wish to hear from you in the Artistic and Technology communities.


Adam Williams -  Founder and Principle Developer of Cinelerra and owner of Heroine Virtual, LLC..

Kipp Aldrich -  Software Expert in Digital Mgmt. & Storage. - Former Systems Engineer at ILM & Texas A&M Viz Lab.

Philip Pocock - Internationally recognized media artist, author, technologist, and media futurist, based in Berlin.

John Sterneman - Expert in Digital Editing on AVID, DI and Film Production Professional. Instructor of editing and filmmaking.

Michael Collins  -  C.T.O. - Co-Founder of Cinelerra, Media Artist, Digital Systems Developer


 Kevin Collins - Expert in corporate social and community networking having held senior management positions with Flicker, Tiny Speck, and COZY.

Our goal is to make Cinelerra.Org a place for Cinelerra artists to collaborate and shine and learn from the developers who we invite to continue to contribute to Cinelerra. We also believe the best way to invigorate the online presence of Cinelerra is to focus on the artists as there are 100 times more Cinelerra artists than there are those interested in developing technology options for a program that basically works now. We have taken on that task and we invite any and all interested new and past Artists and Developers to join this new venture. Our goal and plan is to eventually support artistic and technical development projects with a collaborative environment and with sponsored technical support, whenever possible.



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