Technology Development

Our current focus in technology development is primarily oriented to supporting basic tools facilitation, UI controls, Universal language support, Ubuntu/CentOS Distributions all while instituting a productive line of communications. We are seeking new and past Cinelerra developers who seek technical and financial support and willing to be coordinated directly to and through the principal developer and his principal team on the HV version of  Cinelerra. We invite all new developers to this project to focus on one established and official productive and pragmatic version of CINELERRA.

For Cinelerra Tech Devs, we have created a teamwork workplace within the dynamic project sharing app SLACK

Check it out here at this link: SLACK

Let us know your ideas for a project and we will get you to the log-in screen for our project pages.

We do want to hear from you regarding your requests for project support. We do believe we will be able to eventually offer equipment and technical support on a limited basis.

But, first, we have to hear from you.