New Release of Ubuntu 14.04.1 binary and Source code now available from Heroine Warrior.  We will be at IBC next week demonstrating and in meetings.

Since the year 2002, any and all downloads of any version of Cinelerra downloaded from anywhere on the Internet originate from the original and copyrighted work of Adam Williams of Heroine Virtual and Cinelerra.Org.  Changes to the original work have occurred many times since 2006 by many developers in professional film studios, including Warner Bros., Sony Imageworks, and also fine work with the fine worldwide volunteer community team. Adam Williams of Heroine Virtual continues to maintain and develop the original code base every year since 2002, with no breaks, and continues to do so. There are substantial developments underway for Cinelerra coming soon over the next weeks, months, and years ahead.

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This is the most recent release from HV.

64 bit binary tested on Ubuntu-14.04.1. Decompress and run ./cinelerra in the directory.


SOURCE CODE tested on Ubuntu-14.04.1



Manual Link to Heroine Virtual Cinelerra page.

Secrets of Cinelerra Manual

Our goal is to make Cinelerra.Org a place where Cinelerra is made more functional and powerful and to be usable by the most number of people. The basics of media editing and processing all work within Cinelerra as currently designed. The future of Cinelerra is to make it more capable and enable it to be used effectively by the most people in the most places. We know that the users of media production tools in professional environments have the money and the access to the best software tools money can buy.  Our goal is to give you the same and better capabilities for free through Cinelerra.   New professional and pro-sumer and amateur releases and add-ons are coming in the days and weeks to come.

Youtube - A video on installing Cinelerra from the community users group.



Community Binaries

Cinelerra Users Manual


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