Cinelerra is currently building new storage tools for your digital studio --- both real-time and stored media.  Professional video, digital imaging, and visual effects artists have consistently placed demands on emerging technologies to provide creative new access to the media of production. Over the decades, exciting new tools for editing on the computer desktop have matured, and permeated the industry. Originally, and still mostly, based upon compressive video and audio technologies, compromises in media quality were gladly accepted in return for the benefits the new systems offered. In practice, image quality has degraded as consistently as the emerging technologies have ascended. Especially in the application of, but not limited to, HDTV in digital imaging production, are the shortcomings of compressive technologies becoming visually intolerable, and technically challenging.

Other unanticipated effects of this industry change are less well known, and even more destructive. Financial success, or at least financial continuity, is the goal of most every production team. Hidden costs associated with digital media often go unaccounted for, and mostly unrecognized, until it is too late.

Anyone who has had to nurse an ailing production system through a critical time has experienced the primary hidden cost, reliability. Compounded with the frustration and anger that build in tense, critical production situations when things go awry, the loss of creative potential, and profits, during these times can be enormous. It is interesting to ponder those costs and losses, and what it might mean to success if steps were taken to reduce the time to recover from failures, accidents, and human errors.

Digital media for production require digital assets. This seems a silly thing to say, but the costs associated with the acquisition, production, and management of those assets is not faithfully represented by purchase price alone. They are, however, real continuing costs that are experienced every day. They are accounted for somewhere, usually in the client's bill, often in the owner's pocketbook.

Simplicity is golden. Large unwieldy media asset files can burden the very infrastructure that modern facilities have come to rely upon. Individual digital assets improve design, execution, and operation of digital imaging systems by providing a more natural, intuitive environment for both producers and consumers of digital media assets.

Correctly chosen digital media formats can also provide reduced costs and increased creative potential. Storing digital assets in formats like MXF and XML and OMF needed by other software-based production tools eliminates the time and technical challenges necessary for format conversions. This simple technique alone can tremendously reduce the costs associated with digital productions.

We are currently in the process of designing direct storage tools to be included within the Cinelerra family that will make it much easier for you to build a digital studio correctly from Day One or to re-build your studio with the openness that our methodology offers the studio engineer and the production artist.

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